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Gain industry dominance with unrivalled SEM services.

Stop wasting money on search engine marketing (SEM) services that don’t deliver. Get the maximum potential from your PPC budget with the Singapore SEM experts. Our Singapore SEM team can help you grow fast with an innovative search engine marketing strategy that is hyper-targeted for your audience and business goals. 

Pay per click advertising, aka SEM, is an insanely powerful way to drive your ideal customers to your website – people who are already looking for what you have to offer and are ready to buy. But if you don’t know the intricacies of Google Ads, bidding, search results, and quality scores, it can be extremely challenging to get the results you want. You can wind up wasting lots of time and money on a campaign that delivers zero.

We help you unleash the real potential of SEM for your business and generate a campaign return on investment that will make your competitors green with envy.

How do we do it? We continually tap into data and never stop optimising your SEM campaign to make sure we deliver more of the traffic you want from search engines, and less of the traffic you don’t. By eliminating wasted spend, we drive a lower cost per conversion and a higher ROI for your SEM dollars.

Hyper-targeted data-based approach

Forget the guesswork of search engine marketing (SEM). Everything we do is based on real, hard evidence. From day one, we focus on search data to ensure we target exactly the right people with the right Google Ads and landing page combo. And we don’t stop there – our SEM marketing experts continually examine the data to fine-tune your SEM campaign and discover any hidden opportunities for greater results.

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Work with the SEM agency Singapore businesses turn to for an exceptional ROI, every time. Our pay per click specialists know precisely how to target your potential customers with hyper-targeted, cost-effective search engine marketing campaigns that attract more of the website visitors you want, and less of the visitors you don’t. How do we know our SEM campaigns work? Because we’ve made amazing things happen for other Singapore businesses just like yours with hyper-targeted SEM services.

Strategic alignment
Transparency is everything

There’s no trust without transparency. That’s why we keep in touch at every step of your SEM campaign. Detailed reports on performance data, spend vs conversions, campaign targets achieved, and all the steps we are taking to get the best from your search engine marketing campaign budget – you get it all. With our Singapore team, you’re never left guessing how your SEM services are performing.  

Competitor analysis

Pay per click advertising, also referred to as search engine marketing (SEM), is a digital marketing tactic where advertisers pay money every time a user clicks on their ads. It is literally “pay per click”. 

PPC ads can be displayed on search results pages (SERPs), web pages, social media feeds, and apps.  By far the most popular method of PPC advertising services is paid search ads. The advertiser bids for a certain keyword for the ads to show up on the top and bottom of the first page of search results when that keyword is typed into search engines. 

Done right, PPC is a phenomenally powerful digital marketing tactic. PPC ads, Google Ads, SEM ads - whatever you call them - are highly visible and great for brand awareness. And that's what marketing is all about! But that’s not all – they also generate clicks like crazy from potential customers. 

Research shows around 65% of people searching for products they are ready to buy will click on paid ads – that’s 2 in 3 people who will click through to your website when they’re ready to buy! When you do search engine marketing right, you are targeting your ads precisely to people who have a strong likelihood to purchase - your potential customers. That means a high proportion of those clicks you are paying for will translate into sales and deliver a brilliant ROI. Whether you want to launch your business from zero web presence to search engine dominance or drive tons of new customers to your eCommerce store, search marketing services are a proven tactic.  

It depends on how you run your PPC marketing (aka SEM) campaigns. If you decide to run your own search engine marketing (SEM) without a digital marketing agency or consultant, you simply pay for the ads. No services fee. That means you can set your marketing budget for as much as you need. Spend a few hundred dollars per month or millions of dollars on SEM. But the true goal is to get the best return on investment for your search engine marketing efforts. 

That’s where an SEM marketing agency comes in. If you want to really maximise your chances of success, hire an agency for SEM services. You will pay the marketing agency services fee plus the cost of the ads, but again – you decide how much you spend on the ads. Just provide the budget to the marketing agency upfront and they set up and manage your SEM campaign to get the best results. 

Here’s the thing: with search engine marketing, sometimes you have to spend more to get more return, particularly if your industry is very competitive. Certain keywords are more competitive than others on search engines (which means you have to bid more), but they bring a higher return. Bottom line? There’s no one-size-fits-all for SEM campaign costs. Talk to our search engine marketing specialists in Singapore about how we can deliver the best value for money for your SEM campaign.

Looking at hiring SEM services but can't work out what the terms mean? The obvious one is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is the umbrella term for paid search engine marketing and is part of digital marketing. Next, there's PPC, which means Pay Per Click.

Another one you might have seen is GDN, which stands for Google Display Network. The GDN is a network of millions of sites where advertisers can show display ads and reach potential customers. Unlike the Google Search Network, where businesses bid to show ads in the search engine results pages, the GDN lets businesses put display ads on a vast network of sites across the world wide web. Google says the network reaches over 90% of internet users globally. Both of these services can be managed in Google Ads (GA), previously called Adwords.

The other abbreviations you need to know are related to metrics for your digital marketing campaign:
  • CPC – Cost Per Click measures how much an advertiser pays for a click. Divide the total cost of your SEM campaign by the number of times the ad was clicked. 
  • CTR – Click Through Rate provides an early indicator of SEM campaign success as it tells you how many people click through to your landing page as a percentage of those who saw the ads. 
  • ROAS – Return On Ad Spend gives you the dollar return as a percentage of your total ads spend. It's a brilliant campaign metric to track and monitor.
  • ROI – Return on Investment is the final metric that tells you the dollar return as a percentage of all investment-related to the SEM campaign (services, salaries, agency fees, overheads, landing page design, ads, etc). 

The good news? When you work with our search engine marketing agency, we never talk in marketing jargon you don't understand. Every part of our services is completely transparent.

The three most important things to look for in a good PPC or SEM agency are results, transparency and experience. Let's start with results. You want an SEM agency who is out to get the best return on your search engine marketing (SEM) investment. So, you need to look for an SEM agency that can prove they create hyper-targeted, cost-effective campaigns that will win more of the traffic you want and less of the traffic you don’t. 

Look at the results they have achieved with their services for clients in different industries. Ask for them to share their stats, such as cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), search campaign results, and general ROI data for previous SEM clients. Next, consider transparency. This means a search engine marketing agency that is honest, approachable and completely open with their SEM services.  

Find out how the search engine marketing agency will keep you in the loop throughout your campaign. Transparency is essential in the way good agencies work. It should be a key part of their services. You should know where your SEM marketing dollars are going, and how they are working to increase your revenue. 

Last but not least, look for an SEM agency with experience. Does the search engine marketing agency have experience delivering revenue growth for businesses of all types and sizes? Do they deliver targeted and customised SEM services? We take our search engine marketing learnings from our thousands of clients and apply them to your SEM campaign for explosive results. Talk to our search engine marketing experts today!

It depends on where you’re at. That’s why we recommend starting with a FREE digital marketing audit and strategy session by our SEM specialists. We dig into your paid search history, look at your search results, search engine marketing performance, industry, competition, and target market. Then we use what we find to show you the best way forward with SEM services. 

The fact is, every business is different. You have different potential customers, different offers, different competitors and so on. All of these things need to be factored into your search advertising (SEM) campaign. You just can’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach to search engine marketing services. 

Our SEM experts will create a customised search engine marketing campaign for your business, so you can generate the best return on ad spend from SEM services with minimal campaign waste. Talk to our search engine marketing team today, talk to us about our SEM services, and claim your free SEM digital marketing audit. 

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